Porto a step backwards for Casillas-Forlán

Uruguay legend Diogo Forlan said joining FC Porto was a step backward for Iker Casillas, adding that Real Madrid should have treated the goalkeeper better.
Forlan stated this in his weekly column The National and shared his thoughts on the exit of Casillas from Real Madrid to Porto.
He wrote: “I have huge respect for Porto, a great club that’s always in the hunt for titles. They spot players, they develop them and they sell them for a profit. They aren’t Real Madrid, one of the biggest clubs in the world. It’s a step backwards for Casillas, just like it was for Robin van Persie leaving Manchester United to go to Fenerbahce.”
“Casillas could have left the whites a year ago, having been world champion. Just like Xavi Hernández left with full honours, having won the treble. But there are no feelings in football, it’s a cruel profession. Madrid could have treated Casillas better and defended him from the attacks in the press and from his own fans. He’s always had an impeccable attitude, in spite of being punished for every error.”
“I played against him a lot of times and I can confirm that when I was in Spain he was the best in the world. I remember in a derby at the Calderón in which Agüero and I talked about how it was impossible to score against him. We shot so many times and he stopped everything”.
“It’s so difficult when this type of player has to leave. Legends don’t want special treatment, but they should be treated properly because of everything they’ve done for their clubs in the preceding years. At least they deserve honesty. The problem is that not everybody tells the truth”.