Nigerian Football Supporters Club Boss, Sam Ikpea, Bags Leadership Award

National Chairman of Nigeria Football Supporters Club, Rev. Samuel Ikpea on Thursday 17 May bagged a leadership award from Civil Society Group, Society For Advancement of Credible Leadership ( SOACREL).

Whilst handing him the award, Director-General of the non-governmental and social advocacy organisation, Ambassador Jonny Ben described Ikpea as an astute administrator, team leader and honourable gentleman distinguished by a leadership style in the service of his fatherland.

He said: ” Our organisation which is affiliated to the United Nations Volunteers, European Union ,African Union. Independent Electoral Commission and the National Democratic Institute is saddle d with the responsibility of propagating credibility in leadership and good governance with elements of social democracy at all levels in line with the principles of integrity, transparency and accountability.

“In carrying out our job, we mandated a group of journalists to select a person who must not be a politician for the leadership award and after a painstaking investigation, they chose Rev Ikpea who have through the Supporters Club created a good image for the country before the international community.

“We quite appreciate the role he has played in the lives of many Nigerians and we believe that if people like him hold public office, Nigeria would be better.”

Ambassador Ben, who said that his organisation has monitored 11 elections in the country since it was registered in 2016 explained that Rev.

Ikpea is the 11 th Nigerian to receive the award and that his body is planning its first leadership summit in Abuja later this month with the theme: Credible Leadership, a panacea for social development.

In his response, Rev. Ikpea thanked members of the organisation for finding him worthy of the award, adding that it will spur him to do more for the country and the less-privileged members of the society.

He said: ” I’m very happy that the silent work am doing is being recognised by people. But I want to say that all I have achieved in the club was made possible by the corporation of my members who are all patriotic citizens of this country.

“What this award means is that in any position you find yourself, you must be humble and dedicated because you don’t, know who is watching you and this recognition will spur me to put in more efforts in the service of humanity and I promise to continue to do my best for my fatherland.

Deputy President-General of the Club, Alhaji Aderele Yusuf while congratulating Ikpea on the award said the entire members of the Club were happy with him and urged the Edo State-born to keep the flag flying.