Mutu recalls Ibrahimovic’s nightmare about Ronaldo rivalry

Adrian Mutu has revealed how Zlatan Ibrahimovic had a nightmare about his rivalry with Critiano Ronaldo as players of Juventus in 2005.
The 36-year-old Romania striker, currently with the Indian Super League side Pune City and former team-mate of Ibrahimovic at Juventus in 2005-06, told the story dating back to the times when the two players shared a hotel room.
He said: “Zlatan is the best. When we were team-mates at Juventus we often slept in the same room after games. Once, in the middle of the night, he woke up and agitated, he began to shout: ‘Adi, Wake Up! I had a nightmare. I dreamed that Ronaldo was stronger than me! ‘. I tried to calm him and was able to fall asleep again only when I told him:’ No, Zlatan, no! You are the best in the world. Calm down. .. “.
Mutu also told Lagazzetta Dello Sports that his favorite player has always been Ronaldinho, while the coach who is more able to understand him throughout his career has been Cesare Prandelli.