Kvitova Opens New Club House Fulnek In Her Name

Tennis star, Petra Knitova on Tuesday evening was in Fulnet, a town in the Moravian-Silesian Region, Czech Republic to open a new club house in her name.
The 27-year-old announced this on Instagram earlier that day, relishing her return to the courts where she started playing tennis.
“This evening I am back in Fulnek opening a new clubhouse in my name at the tennis courts where I started playing. Dad was pretty happy to have me here 😊,” stated Kvitova, who was born in Bílovec, Czechoslovakia (now Czech Republic) but resides in Monte Carlo, Monaco in France.
Kvitova, with over US$ 23 million career earning, is fondly remembered to have been robbed at her home in the Czech Republic by a knife-wielding attacker, which resulted in tendon and nerve injuries to her left hand shortly before Christmas.
She was initially expected to be sidelined for six months, but following good progress in her recovery, Kvitová announced in late May that she would return to competition at the French Open, a month ahead of schedule.