Juventus Sell Over $63m Worth Of Ronaldo’s Jerseys In 24 Hours


Juventus sold over $63 million worth of Cristiano Ronaldo’s Jerseys in 24 after he joined the Italian champions from Real Madrid on a four-year deal worth £88 million.

Reports claim that they sold just 850,000 shirt during the entirety of the 2016/2017 season.

Business Insider estimates that these Ronaldo-related purchases translate at least $60 million in sales, and notes that since “typically clubs receive only 10-15 percent of the revenue generated by the kit manufacturer (in this case, Adidas),” the team will probably see about $6 to $9 million of that money.

Juventus merchandise doesn’t come cheap. According to the team’s website, Ronaldo’s fans can purchase children’s jerseys with his name for €84.95 ($98.90), women’s jerseys for €94.95 ($110.60), men’s jerseys for €104.95 ($122.20) and an authentic replica of the gear worn by Juventus players for €137.45 ($160.10).

This means that average price for a Juventus Ronaldo jersey is $122.95. Multiplied by the 520,000 shirts sold, Juventus could have brought in $63,934,000 in one day. The team’s Twitter account also gained one million new followers overnight.

The Guardian, Sky Sports and Mirror report that Ronaldo’s four-year contract with Juventus includes an annual salary of roughly €30 million ($34.9 million). According to Forbes, that actually translates to a paycut. The deal will decrease Ronaldo’s gross salary from $66 million to $64 million. Juventus is also required to pay a €120 million ($140.80 million) transfer fee to Real Madrid.

So far, it seems like Juventus’ investment in Ronaldo is paying off for the club, but the player seems to believe that the deal is advantageous for him as well.

“I want to leave my mark on the history of Juventus,” he said at his first team press conference according to The Guardian. “This is one of the best teams in the world, and I’ve had my mind set on coming here for a little while.”

“I feel great, for me it is another challenge,” the Portuguese player said. “I know it will be tough. I will be ready, Juve is ready.”