Ibe relishing Liverpool prominence

Jordan Ibe now knows he has to keep working hard to please his growing fan base.
The youngster was only made aware of his growing popularity across the globe on Saturday in Helsinki, when a fan broke all security barriers to encapsulate the player with Nigerian roots for a selfie.
As the Reds made their way around the perimeter of Helsinki’s Olympic Stadium to thank fans following their 2-0 win over HJK, one spectator decided to hurdle the barriers and dart towards the Reds squad.
The Finnish Liverpool fanatic was focused on just one man. Arms outstretched, voice pleading, he approached an unassuming Ibe in the hope of securing a quick snap with the winger, until the stadium’s security team intervened.
“He was asking me for a picture – I was quite shocked, to be fair,” Ibe explained to Liverpoolfc.com afterwards.
“I had no idea where he’d come from. You usually only see them things happening to the great players, like Messi and Ronaldo!
“It’s good times for me right now and I am enjoying it. It’s been great to see all of the fans we have in all the countries we’ve been this summer – I really enjoyed the tour.
“I’m not completely satisfied because I need to keep working on a few things, like my end product – getting the ball and finding someone in the box and trying to add a few more goals to my game,” he says candidly.
“I’m quite self-critical. I like to think about things after a game – things I could have improved on, like maybe having taken a shot on or something.”
“I spoke about it with Alex Inglethorpe and the manager had suggested to him that I do some extra sessions to keep myself ticking over during the summer.
“I’m definitely feeling the benefits of that. All the little bits of extra work add up. I have to give a lot of credit to Alex. It was great to come in and work with someone like Kenny [Dalglish].
“I’ve done some extra training sessions at Melwood as well, so hopefully it’ll all add up for me.
“Hopefully it’s going to keep adding up and I’m hoping to add a few more goals to my game.
“I know I’m at a young age, but in my position I need to have an end product. If I’m not getting a goal in a game, then I need to be trying to get an assist for one of my teammates or making sure I have a great game.
“They’re the three things I am working on to try and do regularly. Hopefully I’ll see the benefit from doing that.
“If the gaffer is thinking I’m doing well, then it will mean I must be doing well at something.
“But it doesn’t stop for me. The season is coming up and I need to keep improving and keep the manager satisfied with my performances so I can get a chance to play regularly in the Premier League.
With an attitude like that, married with the attributes that have already have Liverpool supporters excited by his potential, few would bet against Ibe being the subject of even more selfie requests this season.