Gold Coast 2018: British-born Nigeria’s Gymnast Tade Faulkner Steal The Show

By Godwin Aikigbe

British born Nigerian gymnast, Tade Faulkner is the cynosure of all eyes at the ongoing 2018 Commonwealth Games in Gold Coast Australia.

She was celebrated after participating in the final of the Rhythmic and Rotation Individual qualification at the Coomera Gymnastics Floor on Wednesday. She was a spectacle to behold on the floor, and was the gymnast everyone wanted to meet even though she did not win her event.

The story of how she represented Nigeria at the multi-sports event is a hair-raiser any day.

She had called Nigerian sports administrators one day and said …”I’m a Nigerian and I’d like to compete for my country in the forth coming Commonwealth Games in Australia..”

And that was the beginning of a great story to be told soon… of a ‘white Nigerian gymnast.

Better luck the next time Jade!