Drugs: Khloe Kardashian Threatens To Dump Lamar

TMZ has reported that Khloe Kardashian says she is would leave Lamar Odom for good if the recuperating former NBA star shows any signs of going back to the world of drugs.

Khloe, who knows better than anyone about Lamar’s battle with drugs,  is annoyed by people on social media who are calling her naive for dropping the divorce.

She agreed to drop the divorce partly because Lamar has no one else in his life to help him recover and sources claim Lamar is on the Kardashian health insurance policy and he needs to stay on.

Lamar’s medical bills will total in the many millions, and sources say he doesn’t have the financial wherewithal to handle it on his own.

Meanwhile the Sheriff now has the results of Lamar Odom’s blood tests, and as expected, he tested positive for cocaine.

According to TMZ, The Nye County Sheriff’s Department received the results of the blood that was drawn at the hospital in Las Vegas and it showed cocaine was indeed in Odom’s system when he was admitted.

Sheriff Sharon Wehrly said if there was cocaine in his blood it was “distinctly possible” he would be prosecuted for drugs.

Even if he’s prosecuted he won’t do time.  Although cocaine possession carries a 1 – 4 year prison sentence in Nevada, first time offenders routinely get drug diversion when they complete the drug course, the charges are dismissed.