Cocaine, knives in pocket stopped Vidal’s father from his Bayern unveiling

Arturo Vidal’s father Erasmus was did not witness his son’s presentation at Bayern Munich, having been detained at the time at police station in Chile for possession of 6000mg of cocaine and two knives.
The 54-year-old had to watch the event on television at La Victoria Police station before being released after two hours.
According report by the Chilean media, Vidal’s father was on a sidewalk with some friends and, as he pulled a cigarette from his pocket, dropped an envelope similar to what is used as a container for drugs. – The charge read:”In the right pocket of Erasmo Vidal you were found with three bags of cocaine and carrying two kitchen knives.”
“I was stopped out of sheer confusion,” Erasmo Vidal told newspapers in Chile after his release. “I did not do anything, in fact I have left now free. I was just drinking beers with friends quietly. I followed the presentation of Arturo on TV, while the assessments were made of the case.”
The police issued a statement later stating Mr. Vidal was in possession of 600 milligrams of cocaine and two knives and that he was released because the amount of drugs was consistent with personal use. He explained that he was carrying the knives for the possibility of a barbecue with friends.
An investigation has been opened against him in view of the criminal record for possession of drugs and weapons.