Bolt Told He Runs Too Fast On Football Pitch

By Tiamiyu Nurayn Adeyinka

Athletics legend, Usain Bolt,  has been told he is running too fast on the football pitch by retired Jamaican footballer Ricardo Gardner.

“ G @ricardobibigardner telling I’m running too fast on the football pitch,” stated below the picture on Instagram on Friday

For an individual used to working alone on the track, or at least when not involved in the 4x100m relay, Bolt will have to adapt to being one of 11 players on the team.

A world-class athlete, he feels this is something he can quickly work on. “I always said that I want to cope in more of a team sport because the track is individual,” the icon told MUTV.

“We will see. I catch along easily and understand what I need to do when I get a job. When I get instructions, I can carry them out really well.”

Usain considers himself as a pacey forward with an eye for goal. “I’m more of an attacking player,” he told MUTV. “I like to watch games when you go at the other team. That’s how I play. I am very aggressive because I’m fast. I use my speed, you know!”

The Jamaican and Manchester United fan Usain Bolt will finally get the chance to play at Old Trafford when representing the Soccer Aid World XI on Sunday 10 June.

Bolt is a devoted Manchester United supporter and has always wanted to appear at the Reds’ home ground, Old Trafford. It really will be a case of a dream coming true when he gets to run out of the tunnel in front of a packed audience. Famously, he has stated his desire to play for United since visiting the Aon Training Complex in 2011, when Sir Alex Ferguson was in charge of the club.

He has previously enjoyed a training session with Borussia Dortmund and there has been talk of a trial with the Bundesliga outfit. Furthermore, the Olympic icon was due to play for a United XI in last year’s Legends match at Old Trafford, until a hamstring injury sustained at the World Championships in his final race unfortunately put paid to his hopes of appearing.

“Anything is possible. I don’t think limits.” So says the sprint sensation’s Twitter bio and he’s a man of his word. At 31, are you going to tell him he’s not going to play for Jose’s United? “This is something I am serious about,” he said. “If I could be a Manchester United player in the future that would be something massive for me. I always said something – I want to play for my dream club, the biggest club in the world. For me, it would be out of this world.”